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Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology ( Srishti) is a non-residential, co-educational institution with its primary campus in Bengaluru, Karnataka and with hubs or centres in Thiruvananthapuram and Pune.

Srishti’s new Centre for Creative and Cultural Capital (C4) is housed at the renowned KINFRA Film and Video Park, at Kazhakuttom in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Here, Srishti is working in collaboration with KINFRA Film and Video Park to run its prestigious International Animation Academy.

This 75-acre park was envisioned by the Kerala government as India’s first infotainment park, a creative hub for the entertainment industry to transform the park into a one-stop-shop for all the needs of the entertainment industry.


Srishti’s mission in Kerala is to address the serious shortage of creative professionals who can fast track into the creative economy.

The goal of any educational enterprise, located within the creative and cultural sector, is to produce students with a creative mindset, a keen entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for what technology can do. Srishti is placed at the unique position in being able to leverage its expertise in the fields of film, animation, game design and user experience design, the basic ingredients of the creative media industry all under one roof, in order to achieve the above mentioned goal. This is because Srishti has a committed team of national and international professionals, experts and artists with several years of industry experience in their respective fields.


The programs at Thiruvananthapuram will carry forward all the values and ideals of Srishti, namely

  1. Openness and Exchange of ideas and expertise across borders of specializations and degrees
  2. Interdisciplinary thinking and multi-dimensional learning across skill sectors
  3. Flexibility and autonomy and the ability to work in a variety of contexts, medias and formats
  4. Wellness and wellbeing of the community through an active program of learning and emotional support

Physical Fitness and Cultural Awareness through a range of non-academic and co-curricular activities which include sports, fitness, arts and cultural activities (including foreign languages and cultures).


  • Srishti offers programs focusing on film, animation, gaming, coding, imaging and user experience design through a 360-degree fusion approach, which is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, and will build on its experience in the sector.
  • The desire for industries for all types to recruit well-rounded graduates as new entrants is nothing new. However the rapid changes to the working practices, business models and creator/ consumer relationships that digital technology is stimulating in the creative media industries is unparalleled. The decreasing costs of digital technologies and its increasing value needs an ability to fuse old ways of working with new ones in ways that allow everyone to constantly discover new sets of expertise. This is, and will be the current challenge for education in skills for the creative sector, which includes creative media and animation in particular.
  • The fusion in the context of India and in particular educating with skills for a new workforce that can empower the creative media industries implies the following:
    • Fusing key expertise, knowledge and experience in individuals - not as subjects or courses but as complex and meaningful whole experiences
    • Fusing industry and higher education together
    • Fusing different parts of the creative media industries together
    • Creating fusion management skills

  • In order to do this, the pedagogical approaches at Srishti, Thiruvananthapuram will use the following strategically:
    • Work with business accelerators to create digital content start up boot camps thereby creating a future pool of new ventures and with content
    • Establish within the institution and its course design, the physical, mental and virtual space for innovation
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