Six Reasons Why The Shortage Of UI Engineers Is Going To Get Worse

The skills required to do great User Experience applications need an attention to detail that comes only with craftsmanship of a great product and understanding the local culture....

by Patrick Neeman. Published on the usabilitycounts website.

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Get everything you need to start up...

Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) is designed to provide a springboard to budding entrepreneurs who wish to launch themselves into the world of technology based business careers...

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VR & FILMMAKING: The Future of Cinema is Immersive

Although cinema has been with us for well over a century, compared to other forms of entertainment, the pace of innovation has been glacial. Sure, we’ve got 4K cinema cameras and IMAX screens, but most of the boundary-pushing has been iterative (DVDs to Blu-ray), or just downright gimmicky (3D)...

Article by Guest Writer Tom Wilton, Co-Founder of Cinema Zero, Published on the website.

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5 Groundbreaking Ways to Tell Stories in the Future of Filmmaking

No matter how you feel about it, virtual reality filmmaking and experiential storytelling is happening. And it's getting better and better. No longer just a gimmick, filmmakers are using the technology to serve the story instead of the other way around...

by Liz Nord. Published on the No Film School website.

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2016 Entertainment & Media Industry Trends

For E&M executives, the formula for success is shifting radically. No longer is it enough to develop content for eyeballs. Now, you must create a fan-centric business...

Published on the Strategy& website.
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How AI is shaping the future of interactive games

“The most fascinating use of machine learning is where the AI learns about us, as well as learning about itself and the characters we write,” said Guy Gadney, director of The Suspect (2014), an interactive AI thriller...

by Zach Budgor. Published on the Kill Screen website, This article is part of a collaboration with iQ by Intel.
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