Jayesh Sivan.
Jayesh Sivan is an Illustrator and Graphic designer. Being a true lover of expressive drawings, his drawings and illustrations are inspired by the experiences and inspirations from the people/society he lives in. He always loves to experiment with different mediums such as Ink & brush, mono print, and integrating them with digital technology yet still achieve a sense of spontaneity and naturalness. As a practitioner, he had worked with prestigious design firms, corporates, and many national and international publication houses. Jayesh was also a visiting faculty at NIFT College Bangalore and Govt. College of Fine Arts Thrissur. He studied BFA Applied Art at College of Fine Arts Trivandrum and MA Illustration at University for the Creative Arts, UK. At Srishti, he teaches Visual communication courses for the undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Areas of Interest: Illustration, Graphic Design, Information Design, Communication Design.

Manjusha Nair-Joseph.
Manjusha Nair is a filmmaker and an educator. She graduated from Film & Television Institute of India, Pune, in Cinema, with a specialization in Film Editing.
Her first film ‘Manav’ was about eunuchs and premiered at Cinema Du Reel, Paris in 1990. The film went on to participate in Sakshi, celebrating 25 years of Independent Indian Documentary Bangalore, at the Munich Docu Film Fest and at the Neubrandenberg Festival in Germany.
Manjusha has over 15 years of experience working in varied capacities as a Director, Conceptualiser, and Project-Coordinator in various multihued projects. She has also worked with a number of social sector organisations, creating films for their needs, and facilitating training workshops.
Manjusha has participated in educational initiatives with middle school and high school children across India, teaching Digital Film Making and using the concept of Film as Text to enable language learning.
She is passionate about the different uses of video/film as a medium, to facilitate learning, for empowerment, or to create spaces for dialogue, besides the traditional onus of the medium as a form of expression.
She is currently realizing the framework and editing a film on Indian Jazz, encapsulating the lives of 5 musicians who left India in the 1980s and migrated to Europe. Manjusha has been in Srishti since 2009, teaching courses on Film History, Film Appreciation, Editing, Mise en scene, Design and Ideation on Film, and General studies..
Areas of Interest: Film Theory and Practice, General Studies.

Prakash Moorthy S.
Prakash Moorthy took his MA in Fine Arts from the M.S University of Baroda and has a Post Diploma in Animation Film Design from the National Institute of Design. He is an Animation Film Maker, Production Designer and Writer. In 1997 he was invited to show his animation films at the Hiroshima International Animation Film Festival. Prakash Moorthy collaborated with Susanne Jauch in the Production Design of “Les Raison du Coeur”, a Swiss feature film directed by Markus Imhoof in 1997. In 1999 he did Production Design of “Vanaprastham”, feature film directed by Shaji N Karun, and won the best art direction award at The Dubai Film Festival. In 2006 he joined Miditech, New Delhi as Head of Animation for the Sesame Street Workshop in India: “Gali Gali Sim Sim”, a TV programme devoted to pre-school education. In 2009 he created and directed “Sulochana and the Nature Detectives”, an episodic animation film for Turner Films International.
He taught visual scripting, character design and sequential art as a visiting faculty at the National Institute of Design Ahmadabad for several years, and also at C DIT, DJAD, IICD and the IDC. He designed the curriculum for Animation Cinema at The Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute Kolkata and taught there as Professor and Head of Department, Animation Cinema, from 2014 to 2016.
Interested and involved in the conservation of wild life, he designed museums and interpretation centers at Rajamalai and Munnar Wild Life Reserves. He contributed to “Between the earth and the sky” an anthology of stories from the forests, published by Penguin books. His own book on his teacher, R L Mistry, “Animating an Indian Story” was published by NID in 2006.
Areas of Interest: History, Nature, Art, Frontier Science and Storytelling

Yadu Rajiv.
Yadu Rajiv is a game designer and developer, as well as a curator and evangelist for independent games. A maverick who designs games and game-like experiences, he also writes code and creates art for games. After studying English Literature, he went to NID, Bangalore for a degree in Design for Digital Experience. Yadu worked as a Senior User Experience Designer before joining Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, where he teaches User Experience Design, Game Design and Game Development.
In 2011, he co-founded Hashstash, where he designed and developed the multiple award-winning local multiplayer game, Circulets. Yadu is also a volunteer member who helps run the International Game Developers Association(IGDA) chapter in Bangalore. He helps organize activities like the Global Game Jam, local chapter meetups, Build Your Own Game(BYOG) jams etc for the NASSCOM Gaming Forum.
Areas of Interest: Game Design, Game Studies, Narrative Design, Data Visualization, Game Development.

Visiting Faculty from Bangalore Centre

Gautham Dayal.
Gautham Dayal studied at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata where he got a B.Stat (Hon.), and then got a doctorate in Mathematics from the Chennai Mathematical Institute.

He is interested in looking at 'making' as a way of empowering people and communities. He is interested in how 'making' traditions and modern fabrication technology meet and what these imply for a meaningful 'vocational' education.
He explores the role that 'making', 'play' and 'tinkering' play in building understanding. In this context, he is also interested in exploring how the collection of materials one normally works with can be extended to include computers (and other programmable objects).
Outside Srishti, he has taught in a variety of settings: in an international school, in a learning center for children from urban poor and in non-formal schools for rural and urban children. He is also passionate about working with wood, and spends much time both making wooden furniture and teaching woodwork. At Srishti, he teaches both the Professional and Technical Programs, and is a course leader for the Order and Chaos module in the School of Foundation and Preparatory Studies. Gautham is a part of Center for Education Research Training and Development (CERTAD).
Areas of Interest: Play and Making as learning processes; Technology in Education; Computer as a material; Vocational Education.

Jayadevan Chakkadath.
Jayadevan is a Sound designer and production sound mixer with 9 years of experience. He has associated with many critically acclaimed feature films, short films, advertisements and TV shows in India and abroad. He has collaborated with noted film directors like Sudhir Mishra ( Inkaar, Aur devdas), Sanjay Leela Bhansali (Goliyon Ki rasleela Ramleela) Abhsishek Kapoor (fitoor) Dr Biju (Names Unknown, Way home, Colour of Sky, Birds with large wings) and a few independent film makers. He has completed a Bachelors in Technology in Mechanical Engineering from Cochin University, and went on to do Post Graduate Diploma in Cinema (Sound Recording and Design) from Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI), Kolkata. At Srishti, Jayadevan teaches sound design and sound recording at the technical program level.
Areas of Interest: Technologies related to audio reproduction and the history of sound in cinema.

Kiranmayi Indraganti.
Kiranmayi is a filmmaker and has authored a book for OUP (forthcoming) on early Indian playback singing. She has screened her documentaries at film festivals, most recently at Ethnografilm Festival-2014, Paris. Her feature film work includes costume designing for the National Award winning Grahanam (2004). Kiran has experience of working at film festivals including the Toronto International Film Festival (2001), and has extended her expertise and advice on film programming and jurying in India. Kiran holds an MA in English Literature (University of Madras), MFA in Film Production (York University, Toronto) and a PhD in Film Studies (University of Nottingham). She is trained in Indian classical vocal music and has published creative writing and translations including the Telugu poet Devulapalli Krishna Sastry’s poems, a compilation brought out by the Dravidian University. At Srishti, Kiran teaches across undergraduate and PhD programs in areas encompassing filmmaking and theory.
Areas of Interest: Documentary, fiction filmmaking, script writing, song performance and film history.

Manasee Jog.
Manasee is a Designer, Illustrator, Visual Artist, and is now an educator with Srishti for the last five years. With 13 years of design industry experience prior to this, she has worked with Titan, Timex, Madura Garments, Infosys and Rave Magazine. A lot of Manasee’s work involves learning on an everyday basis; she believes it is important to be a good learner to be a better creative practitioner. This belief, she carries into her practice as an educator too. She draws inspiration to her teaching from the aspects of everyday: from Art processes to every culturally relevant practice.
Her practice here at Srishti involves teaching a range of courses from Illustration, Typography, Printmaking, Book Art and Feminism, to Packaging and Branding at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. With these taxonomies, she is always trying to make a connect to context, hoping that the coming together of ideas and processes from them, will make her students look at the world and design in new ways.
Areas of Interest: Craft, Feminism, Patterns, Personal Histories.

Padmini Ray Murray.
Padmini Ray Murray’s work is theoretically rigorous and practice-led, and inspired by conceiving of and creating new media and digital projects. She received her PhD in English literature from the University of Edinburgh (2008) where she also worked as a postgraduate researcher at The Centre for the History of the Book. Before joining Srishti, she was lecturer in publishing studies and digital media at the University of Stirling (2010-2014). She is currently Vice-Chair of Global Outlook:Digital Humanities, the Editor in Chief of the SHARP (Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing) newsletter, and Managing Editor of DHCommons. Padmini’s work has been published in peer-reviewed journals and edited collections across a range of disciplines, and she has received significant funding on several occasions to help develop her research.
She is the course leader for the MA in Digital Humanities as well as teaching on a range of different courses at Srishti.
Areas of Interest: Digital humanities and design; comics studies; games studies; literary studies; the history of the book.

Pooja Sagar.
Pooja Sagar is a writer and a busy member of the Srishti Writing Centre, CERTAD and the School of New Humanities and Design where she teaches Creative Writing, and General Studies. Born and raised in a small town in Kerala until early adulthood with letters to keep her company, she grew up being sensitive to words and imagined worlds. She pursued studies in English Literature for the love of reading and later taught at Sacred Heart’s College, Thevara before she joined Centre for Studies in Culture and Societies, Bangalore as a researcher. To fund her own studies, she started doing Writing Workshops with children. Through experimentation that was benefited by some serendipitous creative outbreaks, she began to develop her practice of teaching writing that is committed to fine tuning intuition and imagination. She trained under Project Vision to learn design tools and pedagogical processes. As a writer and a teacher of writing, Pooja is a keen observer of her world, both physical and political. She did a series of interviews with an eminent writer of Malayalam, which was published in leading magazines and later anthologized in his book,“Vaakkukalum Vasthukalum” (Words and Things, DC Books, 2012). After becoming a mother, when she is not teaching, she writes about gender, motherhood and bodies.
Areas of Interest: Literature; Poetry; Aesthetics; Oral History; Creative Writing; Creative Learning.

Sandeep Ashwath,
Sandeep Ashwath has a PhD from the University of Surrey – UK and a Master’s Degree from the Royal College of Art – London. Before that, he studied at the National Institute of Design – Ahmedabad specialising in Animation Film Design. His doctoral study was an anthropological study of the life of myths in relation to sacredness in one of the older localities of Bengaluru. His research pursuits include an interest in the construction of sacredness in domestic spaces, the audience reception of animation texts and the relation between moving image and the transcendent. In his work as an animator, Sandeep initially engaged with traditional forms of Indian storytelling and performance with classical animation involving hand painted and paper cut-out techniques. His work then moved to exploring digital imagery, verse/text and minimalist drawn animation for telling stories effectively. At Srishti, Sandeep is the Head of Program for Digital Media Arts. He also teaches film appreciation, scripting for animation and has mentored several animation projects.
Areas of Interest: Social Anthropology, Animation Film Design, Animation Research, Ethnography, Film Language.

Satyajit Roy.
Satyajit Roy is an animator and an illustrator. He has a Masters degree in Animation and Design from the University of Sunderland. As a practitioner and teacher, Satyajit enjoys working with students from diverse backgrounds with different knowledge and skills, and feels that a multidisciplinary approach towards animation brings out distinctive and engaging pieces of artwork. At Srishti, Satyajit teaches various courses for pre production in animation and moving images. He is currently one of the course leaders for Digital Media Arts.
Areas of Interest: Experimental Animation, Stop Motion Animation, Illustration and Trekking.

Siddharth Mandavgane.
Siddharth Mandavgane is an animation and visual effects artist with industry experience of over 10 years. Before doing his masters in visual effects from Bournemouth University, UK, he worked with well renowned studios like Crest Animation Studios, Pixion, Tata Elxsi - Visual computing Labs as a 3D artist / generalist. While in the UK, Siddharth worked as 3D artist for gaming and later as Render TD with Framestore - the Oscar wining visual effects studio in London. Across his career he has worked on popular TV animated shows like Arthur's Missing Pal, Piggley Winks, Casper; animation and VFX movies like Arjun - the warrior prince, Maha Yoddha Rama, Robocop, Jupiter Ascending, Guardians of the Galaxy, Edge of Tomorrow, Paddington Bear and many TV commercials. At Srishti Siddharth teaches courses in animation and visual effects. He focuses on imparting hands on animation skills like stop motion and mentors student animation projects towards optimum technological creativity.
Areas of Interest: VFX cinematography, photography, paper cut-art, stop motion animation, traveling, trekking and music.

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